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Showing Prospective Buyers Around Your Home

I have been surprised that almost all the people wishing to view my house have wanted to come on a Saturday and that estate agents around here are not even open on Sundays; maybe that’s a sign of the economic downturn as I’m sure they used to open on Sundays. But the visits have been planned to my advantage and the estate agents have actually encouraged appointments at times when the next viewer is likely to meet the previous viewer coming down the garden path. Actually we haven’t got a garden path but you know what I mean.

Planning a Move: What is My House Worth?

I started off with 3 estate agents coming to value my house because surely I’d be able to make a decision based on 3 valuations. But actually what I found was that estate agents try, on the one-hand not to offend you about a home you have loved and lived in for nearly 20 years but on the other to manage your expectations on price. I wanted really honest feedback because I wanted to move quickly and I had seen other houses in the area languish on the market for well over a year because they just seemed too expensive. What I found was that it wasn’t until the third estate agent came round that I realised how hard I had to push and how insistent I had to be before they gave me some really honest advice.

The First Step Towards Moving House

I’m in the process of trying to move house – not easy in the current economic climate but I seem to remember the last time I moved was in a recession when some people I knew were in negative equity so the experience is nothing new for me just a bit of a distant memory.

It’s Time to Upcycle!

One of the huge problems some people face when they are starting an upcycling business is where to store their stock while they gain enough money to rent selling space. It’s one thing keeping a few items in your house to upcycle but you’ll want to have plenty of stock to work on after each project is finished. Consider using self storage as a way to build yourself a bank of stock while you build your business. Cheap self storage is ideal for upcycle startups because it creates a way for your business to grow without directly impacting on your home situation.

How to Live in London for Less

Living in London is expensive and lots of people find they struggle to even afford a visit to enjoy a long weekend, let alone live and work there. But living in London needn’t be super expensive, here’s how:

Share your space

If you’re going to move to London and you’re not absolutely flush with funds, you’re going to have to start getting used to sharing your space. Flat shares are by far the cheapest way to live in London and you’d be surprised at how small a space people are actually willing to rent out to you. Expect flatmate interviews (yes really!) and flat sharing meet up parties where people looking for flat shares or offering flat shares are looking to hook up with potential living buddies…

5 Steps to Decluttering Your Home

Spring is here, even if the rain has not stopped; I can tell because my garden is sprouting weeds so the weather must be warmer. Traditionally it’s the time for a spring-clean but why not take that chore a step… Continue Reading →

The Housing Market Is Picking Up

The property market is already picking up in many parts of the UK so if you are planning a house move now could be a good time. And anyone selling a house knows that a clean and clutter-free home will… Continue Reading →

Packing for self storage: how to keep your valuables safe

Using self storage for those things you don’t need every day is a great way to free up some space at home. With many households feeling the burden of extra belongings and smaller homes, the demand for secure self storage is currently very high. But how can you ensure your treasured possessions are going to be safe and will be unbroken when you come to collect them again?

Read on for our top tips for packing for self storage to ensure your items are well protected.

Decluttering made easy: simple steps to a more organised life

Whether you are in the process of preparing for a house move or just desire more space at home, having a good decluttering session is a great way to refresh and revive your home. Out with the old and in with the new is all very rewarding, but for some people it can be tricky to know where to start.

If the piles of papers, bulging cupboards and jam packed drawers are just too much for you to think about, read the full blog post for some simple steps you can start to take to work towards a less cluttered lifestyle.

Seriously surprising spring cleaning tricks

If you are already thinking about the spring and when you will be starting your spring cleaning, you might be interested in these unusual and surprising spring cleaning tricks to help you get your home ship shape again.

Pesky pet hairs: We love our animals, but not the deposits they leave behind. If pet hairs are bothering you, put on your rubber gloves, make them we and then simply wipe them over the hairy surface. The hairs will stick right to them!

Wine worries: Spilt a glass of wine? Forget expensive chemical detergents. Spray a little shaving foam on the spill, leave for a moment and then simply sponge away.

Lampshade dust: Delicate lampshades will not stand up to a vacuum hose, so get your lint roller out to remove dust instead.

Clever tricks to squeeze more space out of your family home

With space at a premium in many family homes, finding room to store all your belongings and still have room to breathe can be a tough task. Expanding families, ever increasing piles of ‘stuff’ and the decreasing sizes of new homes means many families are looking to make home improvements to expand the available space in their house.

If you are keen to make some minor modifications to free up useful space, read the full post for three clever tricks you can consider.

Make your packing and moving more eco friendly

Moving house can be a fairly resource intensive activity. Apart from all the clutter that frequently ends up in landfill during a move, there are also transportation emissions, packing materials and other waste to think about if you want to make your move less damaging to the environment. Read the full post for some handy tips to help you pack and move house with less impact on the planet.

Moving company or DIY move?

If you are planning to move in the near future, you might already be wondering how to move your items. Moving by yourself, also known as a DIY move, might seem like a great way to save money, but in reality can actually cost you more. Read the full post for some things to think about when deciding whether to use a professional removal company or do it on your own.

Top tips for storing musical instruments

If you are musically minded and play an instrument, you’ll already know how inconvenient it can be to move that instrument around, particularly if you play something large like a double bass or piano. Even if you play a less substantial instrument, if you don’t need it for a few months then keeping it safe has to be a top priority. Read some top tips from the experts if you are considering putting a musical instrument into self storage…

How to prioritise home organisation

Getting to grips with your home is all about recognising what is essential, what is useful and what is really not necessary. You could spend hours sorting and organising, but if it’s not one of the essential things, you’ll find there is still too much to do in the home.

Take a moment to sit down and write down all the jobs you currently do and want to be doing on a regular basis. Now categorise these tasks under one of three headings:

  1. Must do
  2. Nice to do
  3. Not really necessary

Moving in? Tips to get you started on a greener lifestyle

If you’re getting ready to move into your new home, now is a great time to make some small changes that will get you on a greener footing straight away. There are some easy things you can do as soon as you get there to make your home a more eco-friendly place to be…

A basic checklist for moving home

There’s so much to do if you’re planning a move; some of the things you should definitely not forget to do before the big day include: Redirecting your post, informing your bank and insuring your new home, both the building and the contents.

Self storage to the rescue: 5 occasions where some extra space is a lifesaver

Self storage is becoming a popular option for many householders who are struggling for space. In many cases they simply do not have enough room at home to store their items, but for some it is a specific situation that has prompted them to book up some additional space. Here are some of the times self storage has come to the rescue:

Summer holiday students: Students who return home for the summer may not have room in their car (or at their parents’ house when they get there) to store all their university clothing, furniture and equipment. Self storage means they can leave it in their University town, and easily retrieve it when it’s time to start back in the autumn.

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