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Spring Cleaning Waste Removal Guidelines

When you focus on spring cleaning, the chances are there will be a lot of things that just need to go, either from the house or garden. Some items will be considered hazardous waste but there are also those that… Continue Reading →

Seriously surprising spring cleaning tricks

If you are already thinking about the spring and when you will be starting your spring cleaning, you might be interested in these unusual and surprising spring cleaning tricks to help you get your home ship shape again.

Pesky pet hairs: We love our animals, but not the deposits they leave behind. If pet hairs are bothering you, put on your rubber gloves, make them we and then simply wipe them over the hairy surface. The hairs will stick right to them!

Wine worries: Spilt a glass of wine? Forget expensive chemical detergents. Spray a little shaving foam on the spill, leave for a moment and then simply sponge away.

Lampshade dust: Delicate lampshades will not stand up to a vacuum hose, so get your lint roller out to remove dust instead.

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