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DIY House Removal: Is It Worth It?

On top of the cost of buying your new home (even in this economic climate there still don’t seem to be any bargains around) are all the associated costs: solicitor’s fees, estate agent’s fees, removal costs, storage costs. And then all the new furniture, curtains, appliances etc you want, or need, to buy for your new home. So not only is moving house very stressful but you have to pay a small fortune for the privilege. […]

Packing – the insider knowledge

Professional packers are more than just box shifters. They are skilled professionals and seem to have the ability to pack up a house in half the time of the average human being, and to load their boxes just right so… Continue Reading →

Environmentally Friendly House Moving

In many areas of modern life an increasing number of people are aware of their impact on our planet and local environment. We all recycle in ever-growing quantities so it’s no surprise that another new environmentally friendly initiative concerns house moving. There are a number of ways to achieve an environmentally friendly house move including using recycled or used packing / storage boxes…

Five Clever Packing Tricks for Moving House

Here are some clever little tricks from the experts for packing more efficiently, perfect to help you with your next house move.

First, don’t empty out your drawers; empty drawers are a waste of space. Instead leave some lightweight items in them, or even pack some clean clothes inside, so you know where they are for the first day in your new home.

Who Can Really Tell Me How Much My House Is Worth?

In the current economic climate it is becoming harder and harder to know how much your home is worth, which, of course, shouldn’t matter unless you are trying to move house. And in these economic times only those who really have to move are doing so – maybe because of a new job, a relationship breakdown or family reasons. If you are one of the unlucky few who needs to move right now one of the hardest problems is getting a good valuation of your home – one that will actually enable it to sell but at the same time achieve a fair price for you the seller.

There are numerous houses on the market that seem to be priced fairly but are still not shifting and yet those houses with that extra something special – whether it is period charm, a highly desirable location or the rarity factor – seem to be commanding and achieving rising prices. So there can seem to be a price disparity between similar houses in similar areas. Estate agents are very keen to point out the differences that make an average 1950’s family home worth 20% less than a period home with the same number of rooms and square footage in a neighbouring road.

Who Said Decluttering Was Good For You?

At last I have just got the last of my belongings out of the self-storage unit where at least half of my possessions have been living for the past eighteen months while I have been selling my house, and, more importantly, trying to find a new one. I had never planned to have my stuff in storage for so long but attempting to move house in a recession was harder than I had expected – not least because I had a very particular list of requirements.

Of course those requirements changed over time as the reality of the housing market became clear and I ended up moving to a different town rather than staying in the town I had lived in for the last 25 years and to the sort of busy location I had not anticipated. But the advantage of moving house in a recession is that there are certain people who cannot sit it out until the economic situation improves so in the end I managed to buy a house that exceeded my expectations because the owners had to relocate for work. And a new town has all the advantages of new shops, restaurants and pubs to discover and my central location might be on a busy road but that means I can walk to all of the town’s attractions so maybe I might even get a bit fitter.

Clever tricks to squeeze more space out of your family home

With space at a premium in many family homes, finding room to store all your belongings and still have room to breathe can be a tough task. Expanding families, ever increasing piles of ‘stuff’ and the decreasing sizes of new homes means many families are looking to make home improvements to expand the available space in their house.

If you are keen to make some minor modifications to free up useful space, read the full post for three clever tricks you can consider.

Moving House with Small Children

Moving is among the most stressful events in life, and really it’s no wonder. There is so much to prepare and pay, as well as a long period of waiting. This period is more than often very stressful as you… Continue Reading →

The Trials and Tribulations of Moving House

Searching for a New House It doesn’t look like I will be getting my possessions back out of storage anytime soon – after months of scouring the internet and local papers, hounding the local estate agents and everyone I know… Continue Reading →

How Easy Is It To Do Your Own House Removal?

Everyone knows that buying a new home is an expensive business so looking for ways to save money on the move is always worthwhile. Of course, there are certain legal fees and taxes that cannot be avoided but there are… Continue Reading →

The Hassles of Moving Home – An Infographic

Many reports indicate that moving, just like other major life events such as divorce, illness, or job loss, causes a lot of people to feel stressed and overwhelmed.  Even if you plan to hire a mover to take care of… Continue Reading →

4 Tips for a Stress-Free Move

Relocation can be a daunting task, but what exactly makes it so tiring and stress-inducing?  Is it the enormous amount of boxes that need to be packed? Or maybe ensuring that all your belongings are properly loaded and safe? The… Continue Reading →

What help can you get when buying your first home?

If you are not able to afford the purchase price of a home even with a mortgage or your own savings, there are government schemes that can help you buy a new home. The type of support available depends on… Continue Reading →

5 Things to Consider Before You Even Think About Moving

As exciting and thrilling as it may seem, moving to a new place can also be a costly, complicated and overwhelming experience.  In many ways, relocating is like taking a leap into the unknown, especially for first time movers. When… Continue Reading →

An agenda for organising your house removals

Get started by making a schedule for your relocation –  a great tip is to start making it at least a couple of months before the move. Include all the major activities and tasks that you will need to complete… Continue Reading →

Top tips if you’re moving house in the winter

Moving house in winter can pay dividends in terms of the price you pay for your home, and some of the services. Most people will avoid moving at this time of year, so if you decide to go for it, you’ll be able to negotiate harder and take your pick of the days for the move.

There are some top tips for any winter movers who want to get into their new home and still enjoy the best of the season.

Top Moving House Tips for Packing your Tech

Often the most high value selection of items in our home is our technology, which can make packing it tricky. Here are some tips to help you pack the items properly ready for moving home.   When you move home,… Continue Reading →

The Pros and Cons of Renting a Home

This post was updated on 30 August 2018 Renting your home may be a personal choice to give you the freedom to move easily or check out an area before buying. It may be the best option if you have… Continue Reading →

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