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Clear Your Clutter and Take Control of Your Life

De-cluttering is good for you in all sorts of ways. Not only will it enable you to think more clearly, you will be able to appreciate and enjoy the special possessions you decide to keep. As well as making some… Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Guide to Decluttering

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De-cluttering is good for you in all sorts of ways. Not only will it enable you to think more clearly, you will be able to appreciate and enjoy the special possessions you decide to keep. As well as making some… Continue Reading →

5 Steps To A Clutter-Free Home

Spring is well and truly here at last so it is the perfect time to spring clean you home but that is often harder than it sounds because we all have so much junk cluttering up our space. In an ideal world we would all have enough storage space to store everything we have ever owned but the reality is different and many of us struggle to maintain a clutter-free home. The downside of not having organised storage is that we can never find what we want with cupboards overflowing with clothes, children’s toys, books and just junk that we no longer want or need. But de-cluttering is ironically made harder by all the clutter around us – we can’t see where to start so we just don’t bother. Well, follow these 5 easy steps to help you get started and before you know it you will be well on your way to a tidy, organised home.

Minimalism and Family Life

Moving home is the perfect time to re-evaluate how you live in your home and I have been thinking about becoming more minimalist. I’m not sure I could completely embrace minimalism but it seems like an ideal way to live… Continue Reading →

Spring Cleaning Waste Removal Guidelines

When you focus on spring cleaning, the chances are there will be a lot of things that just need to go, either from the house or garden. Some items will be considered hazardous waste but there are also those that… Continue Reading →

Making Space in your Home

Whatever size your home is, space is valuable, which is why it’s always good to make the most of what you have. Here we look at ways to increase the space in your home easily.   Whatever size your home… Continue Reading →

Invest in Your Property By Clearing Out Your Home

Did you know that here in the UK we have the tiniest houses in Western Europe? With that in mind, it’s no surprise that more and more emphasis is now being placed on space within the home. Essentially, the more… Continue Reading →

Smarten Up Your Office Space

Have you found yourself getting repeatedly frustrated because you have to essentially ‘dig’ your computer out from the mound of paperwork lying on top of it? Do you look at your cluttered desk and instantly feel stressed? Not to worry,… Continue Reading →

New Year – No Clutter

5 Easy Steps To A Clutter-Free Home If you have been thinking about ridding your home of clutter then now is the perfect time – make it your New Year’s resolution to declutter and you won’t regret it. But it… Continue Reading →

Take Control of Your Clutter

We all like to think we could lead a calmer, less stressful life if our homes and offices were less cluttered. And it’s true – if everything is stored neatly away and we only keep the things we really need… Continue Reading →

5 Steps to Decluttering Your Home

Spring is here, even if the rain has not stopped; I can tell because my garden is sprouting weeds so the weather must be warmer. Traditionally it’s the time for a spring-clean but why not take that chore a step… Continue Reading →

Decluttering made easy: simple steps to a more organised life

Whether you are in the process of preparing for a house move or just desire more space at home, having a good decluttering session is a great way to refresh and revive your home. Out with the old and in with the new is all very rewarding, but for some people it can be tricky to know where to start.

If the piles of papers, bulging cupboards and jam packed drawers are just too much for you to think about, read the full blog post for some simple steps you can start to take to work towards a less cluttered lifestyle.

How to prioritise home organisation

Getting to grips with your home is all about recognising what is essential, what is useful and what is really not necessary. You could spend hours sorting and organising, but if it’s not one of the essential things, you’ll find there is still too much to do in the home.

Take a moment to sit down and write down all the jobs you currently do and want to be doing on a regular basis. Now categorise these tasks under one of three headings:

  1. Must do
  2. Nice to do
  3. Not really necessary

What not to do when decluttering your home

Clutter is a consequence of the modern, consumerist lifestyle that we lead. Impulse purchases, a feeling of emotion towards our belongings and a general sense of ‘need’ can lead to hoarding on all sorts of scales, making us uncomfortable in our own homes. Getting rid of our clutter, or at the very least storing it away, can help to balance our minds and refresh our living space, as well as making our homes a lot easier to keep clean and tidy.

Declutter House and Home: 4 Principles to Whip Your House Into Shape

Clutter has a way of sneaking up on us. The decluttering process is based on five classic organising principles. Understand these principles and you can declutter your home, your office, or even your garage easily.

Get More Decluttering Done – 4 Ways You Can Work More Productively

To get more decluttering done in a tight time frame, such as when a house moving deadline is looming, is a good goal but no one seems to have much spare time available these days. So just try to make the best of the time you have. If you are looking of ways to get more decluttering done before your move house or put your possesions in storage, here are four ideas that will help you with decluttering your home. […]

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