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What help can you get when buying your first home?

If you are not able to afford the purchase price of a home even with a mortgage or your own savings, there are government schemes that can help you buy a new home. The type of support available depends on… Continue Reading →

5 Things to Consider Before You Even Think About Moving

As exciting and thrilling as it may seem, moving to a new place can also be a costly, complicated and overwhelming experience.  In many ways, relocating is like taking a leap into the unknown, especially for first time movers. When… Continue Reading →

An agenda for organising your house removals

Get started by making a schedule for your relocation –  a great tip is to start making it at least a couple of months before the move. Include all the major activities and tasks that you will need to complete… Continue Reading →

Which Home Improvements Add Value to Your Home – An Infographic

There’s no denying that certain home improvements are expensive, particularly bathrooms and kitchens, but the end result is worth it as they can improve your lifestyle and enjoyment of your home. But which home improvements also add value?

Spring Cleaning Waste Removal Guidelines

When you focus on spring cleaning, the chances are there will be a lot of things that just need to go, either from the house or garden. Some items will be considered hazardous waste but there are also those that… Continue Reading →

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