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How Easy Is It To Do Your Own House Removal?

Everyone knows that buying a new home is an expensive business so looking for ways to save money on the move is always worthwhile. Of course, there are certain legal fees and taxes that cannot be avoided but there are… Continue Reading →

Planning a Move: What is My House Worth?

I started off with 3 estate agents coming to value my house because surely I’d be able to make a decision based on 3 valuations. But actually what I found was that estate agents try, on the one-hand not to offend you about a home you have loved and lived in for nearly 20 years but on the other to manage your expectations on price. I wanted really honest feedback because I wanted to move quickly and I had seen other houses in the area languish on the market for well over a year because they just seemed too expensive. What I found was that it wasn’t until the third estate agent came round that I realised how hard I had to push and how insistent I had to be before they gave me some really honest advice.

Preparing for a house move: 10 moving tips

Moving house can be incredibly stressful, and even more so if you are unprepared. By taking the time to plan for the move thoroughly, you can reduce the stress you are feeling and make for an easier moving experience. Here are out 10 top tips for getting ready to move to help you plan and prepare.

Book a removal company: Moving companies get booked up quickly, especially on weekends, so book early to secure your date.

Order boxes: Order some sturdy moving boxes either through your removals company or independently, as well as packing materials.

Declutter: There is no sense in moving things you don’t need, so have a thorough clear out before you start packing.

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