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Top 6 things you should never do when moving house

There are plenty of guides out there describing what you should do when you are involved in a home move, but what about the things you should never do? There are plenty of things that can lead to a minor (or even major) disaster, so have a look at our top 6 things you should never do when moving house.

Moving house – preparing for the pros

Moving house yourself, or with a bunch of your friends, is certainly budget friendly, and kind of cute in a student sort of way. But when you’ve graduated from a single room in a student house to a three bed semi complete with kids and cats, it can sometimes be advisable to bite the bullet and get the professionals in.

Get a top end mover for a bottom end price

Choosing the cheapest mover around can sometimes be a bit of a false economy. Less experienced or sloppy removal companies may well take longer and cause more damage than seasoned professionals, but to get one of the big name companies in, you do need to be prepared to pay more. To help you keep the cost down when going for a top end removal company, here are some handy pieces of advice that can help you move with the best, for less.

Finding your perfect removal company

Whether you are moving your entire home, a few items into a self storage unit or moving all or part of your business into new premises, getting the right removal company for your needs is an essential component to ensuring the success of your move. Read on for some top tips for finding the perfect removal company for your needs, however large or small.

So you want to buy your first home?

Making the decision to buy your own home is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make, a decision made tougher by the current economic climate in the UK and internationally. But looking on the bright side, property prices are, at best, stagnating

Doing Your Own House Move – Is It worth It?

Everyone knows that moving house is an expensive business so many house movers will consider renting a van and doing it themselves. My neighbour is currently in the process (and has been for weeks) of organising her own house move. She’s had several garage sales and been selling excess possessions through the small ads of our excellent local paper. Having only lived in her house for a couple of years I’m surprised at how much stuff she has to get rid of but then she does have 3 young children and they can accumulate a mountain of toys and equipment over a 2 year period.

Gazumping – who’d have thought it could happen in this economic climate?

Just as I was getting ready to start packing up the possessions accumulated over many years in my current house, in preparation for moving into a new house, I got a phone call from the Estate Agent I was buying… Continue Reading →

A New Meaning for Moving House

I thought I knew what the term “moving house” meant – finding a new place to live, packing up all your personal belongings, having them transported to a new location and unpacking them. Well that’s the simple version. But I… Continue Reading →

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