There are plenty of guides out there describing what you should do when you are involved in a home move, but what about the things you should never do? There are plenty of things that can lead to a minor (or even major) disaster, so have a look at our top 6 things you should never do when moving house.

  1. Forget where you put the wet washing from the washing machine
    When you pack those boxes from the kitchen, try to put something more revealing than just ‘kitchen’ on the outside. If you are stuck moving wet washing, try to have it with your priority box, or at least to have a vague idea where it went. Undoubtedly you’ll be able to find it in a few days, or at least your nose will, but it really isn’t ideal.
  2. Pack your phone charger
    Your mobile phone will be your lifeline in the new house, as invariably the landline provider will have some unavoidable delay in getting your line up and running. Keep the charger in your handbag or glove box of your car, and not at the bottom of a large box, helpfully labelled ‘bedroom’.
  3. Forget your cat
    Cats have a funny way of knowing when something’s going on. They might not be sure if you’re off on holiday, buying new furniture or moving, but they’ll know something is afoot alright. You can count on Kitty to do a disappearing act the very morning of the move, so do your best to shut them in a sealed room from the moment you get up, unless you fancy sitting on the doorstep of your empty house rattling a box of biscuits until the wee small hours.
  4. Book a van that’s too small
    If possible, get your removal company to come and survey your home. It is very difficult for any normal human being to visualise the size of van they need for their move, but for the seasoned professional, they’ll be able to do it.
  5. Get lost on the way
    Your removal company will be less than impressed if they are waiting outside your new home while you are taking the ‘scenic route’. Invest in a sat nav, or as a minimum print out a route finder to the new address.
  6. Overcrowd your new home
    Nothing is worse than tripping over boxes and boxes of stuff you didn’t know you had and probably don’t even want for weeks after a house move. If you aren’t sure what will fit and where it will go, focus on taking your essentials with you in the van, and put some boxes of stuff you won’t need for a while into a cheap self storage unit to give you the breathing space you need.