Choosing the cheapest mover around can sometimes be a bit of a false economy. Less experienced or sloppy removal companies may well take longer and cause more damage than seasoned professionals, but to get one of the big name companies in, you do need to be prepared to pay more. To help you keep the cost down when going for a top end removal company, here are some handy pieces of advice that can help you move with the best, for less.


  • Move less stuff

It sounds obvious, but the less ‘stuff’ you take, the quicker the job will be done and the less it will cost you. Start early, going through your belongings and getting rid of what you no longer need. This can help you raise a bit of money too, if you are able to sell some items. If you have things like boxes of Christmas decorations or out of season clothing that you won’t need straight away, consider taking these in your car to a cheap self storage unit, so that the moving company can concentrate on the larger pieces of furniture.


  • Do as much as you can yourself

Professional removal companies will often offer to do everything for you. However, this will come at a significantly higher cost, so if you are watching the pennies, it can be a good idea to do as much as you can yourself to keep the overall cost down. The moving company might insist you use professional moving boxes rather than flimsier or recycled versions. This doesn’t mean you have to use theirs though, as you’ll probably be able to source boxes of a similar standard online for less, just make sure they are happy with that. Do all your own packing, as this will help you to clear out your clutter too, and make sure all your furniture is empty and appliances unplugged before the removal company arrives.


  • Use comparison sites or auction sites

There are plenty of places online where you can post your job to gain multiple quotes from a number of companies. Even if you don’t end up going with any of these companies, getting ball park figures in will give you some leverage to haggle with your desired mover and will help you compare the services on offer from other companies.


  • Pick a quiet day

The most popular day for contracts to exchange is a Friday, and most removal companies are busy over the weekend period. If you can get the time off work, go for a mid-week booking as they are likely to be less busy and to be more flexible on price. If you can be slightly flexible on your moving date yourself, then you may be able to drive the price down further by asking them to pick the cheapest day for you.