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Comparing Apples with Pears When Looking for Self Storage

It’s interesting that when you start searching on the keywords “comparing self storageā€¦” that the first thing Google Instant shows me is “comparing self storage prices” then “comparing self storage quotes” so you would think it would be easy to… Continue Reading →

Preparing Your Furniture For Self Storage

Whether you’ve got giant chunky furniture that won’t fit into your tiny ‘inbetween jobs’ apartment, or expensive pieces that you’re saving for your dream future home, there’s an abundance of people who have to opt for cheap self storage at… Continue Reading →

Packing for self storage: how to keep your valuables safe

Using self storage for those things you don’t need every day is a great way to free up some space at home. With many households feeling the burden of extra belongings and smaller homes, the demand for secure self storage is currently very high. But how can you ensure your treasured possessions are going to be safe and will be unbroken when you come to collect them again?

Read on for our top tips for packing for self storage to ensure your items are well protected.

Is your self storage unit ready for winter?

Here are some simple guidelines to prepare your stored possessions for the long, cold winter months ahead. Some preparation now will protect your belongings from any damage.

One of the commonest problems with items in long-term storage is the moisture occurring naturally in the air. So if you have an external storage unit that does not have a climate control system or dehumidifier installed then follow these steps to make sure your precious belongings remain in good condition throughout the winter:

Self-Storage Money Saving Tip #2

Compare Insurance Deals For Self-Storage Unit Contents: People choose to store all sorts of possessions in a self-storage unit and often they do not have much, if any, monetary value; sometimes they are items of purely sentimental value that we can’t bear to part with but don’t have room for in our homes. Of course, people also store highly valuable items in self-storage such as classic cars, family heirlooms or business stock, and when a family temporarily relocates overseas they may store the whole contents of their home. So whether items have only sentimental value, have a high individual value or the sheer quantity of belongings makes the total value high you should think carefully about what type of insurance to take out while the items are being stored. In the event of theft, fire or damage from another cause such as flooding you will want to be sure that you are adequately compensated. There is nothing worse after the upset of losing your possessions to find you cannot replace them with something similar. So do make sure you check the insurance options available both from the self-storage provider and by checking independently.

How to Store Antiques in a Self Storage Unit

Antiques are inherently delicate due to their age, and therefore should be treated with extra care when packing and storing these timeless pieces of history. A self storage unit is the perfect place to keep these classic belongings, maintaining their value and integrity in a clean, secure environment. Here is a list of tips to follow to ensure your antiques stay in pristine condition during packing, transport, and storage…

Bedford Company Offers London Businesses an Alternative to High Storage Costs

Press Release:

A self-storage company, based in Bedford, has expanded their range of offers to include an alternative to high London storage costs without the hassle of moving possessions to an out-of-town location. An innovative scheme has been introduced where archives, stock, office furniture and equipment will be relocated from an expensive London storage facility to a secure Bedfordshire facility free of charge for storing contracts of 6 months or more. […]

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