Compare Insurance Deals For Self-Storage Unit Contents
People choose to store all sorts of possessions in a self-storage unit and often they do not have much, if any, monetary value; sometimes they are items of purely sentimental value that we can’t bear to part with but don’t have room for in our home. Of course, people also store highly valuable items in self-storage such as classic cars, family heirlooms or business stock, and when a family temporarily relocates overseas they may store the whole contents of their home. So whether items have only sentimental value, have a high individual value or the sheer quantity of belongings makes the total value high you should think carefully about what type of insurance to take out while the items are being stored. In the event of theft, fire or damage from another cause such as flooding you will want to be sure that you are adequately compensated. There is nothing worse after the upset of losing your possessions to find you cannot replace them with something similar. So do make sure you check the insurance options available both from the self-storage provider and by checking independently.


If you already have comprehensive household contents insurance then check whether your policy can be extended to insure the stored items; make an inventory of all the items to be stored and get quotes from your existing household insurer (if possible), the storage company’s recommended insurer and at least one other insurance company.


Check the level of insurance, any exclusions and any maximum individual item values that will be covered; it is often difficult to compare different deals because no two policies will offer exactly the same cover so take your time to do some research well in advance so that you do not have to make a rushed decision on the day the items go to storage.