It’s interesting that when you start searching on the keywords “comparing self storage…” that the first thing Google Instant shows me is “comparing self storage prices” then “comparing self storage quotes” so you would think it would be easy to decide which storage company is offering the best deal with everyone looking for price comparisons. But it’s not as simple as that. There are so many different types of special deal that it is like trying to compare apples and pears.

Comparing different self-storage facilities is not as simple as picking the cheapest – after all your precious belongings will become the responsibility of someone else and you want to make sure they are well protected. What about insurance cover? More importantly what level of security exists on the site and even more importantly are their prices fixed or does the special deal only cover the first few months? These are all considerations that make it hard to decide which company to use but there are organisations such as that offer advice, tips and price comparisons.

With the current economic gloom we all want to save money but we don’t want to take unnecessary risks with our possessions so how do we balance cost and service? The first thing to do is check that you really understand the costs involved. Many companies offer the first month free before reverting to a standard rate that might not be nearly so attractive so instead of looking at the initial costs look at the cost spread out over 6 months or a year. Better still choose a self storage facility from a company such as who fix their prices for a 5 year term.

We all know that cheaper is not always better and what might seem cheap at first  may not be in the long term so do your sums before signing on the dotted line.