Antiques are inherently delicate due to their age, and therefore should be treated with extra care when packing and storing these timeless pieces of history. A self storage unit is the perfect place to keep these classic belongings, maintaining their value and integrity in a clean, secure environment. Here is a list of tips to follow to ensure your antiques stay in pristine condition during packing, transport, and storage:

  • When you wrap your antiques, be sure to use chemical free products. Some tissue paper contains acid which can be damaging to your collectibles.
  • Antique furniture should be covered or wrapped in a protective layer of bubble wrap or cloth, and should be stored by itself having no other items stacked on it or rubbing up against it.
  • Each item should be treated with its respective treatment product prior to storage, for example a wood conditioner for wooden antiques, leather conditioner for leather antiques, etc.
  • Heavy antiques that can be disassembled should be to prevent unnecessary stress while they are in storage. Wrap all parts and pieces separately, while still keeping them together for easy identification and rebuilding in the future.
  • For very fragile or breakable antiques such as fine china, hard plastic boxes work better than regular cardboard boxes, as cardboard boxes can be more easily crushed and the contents inside broken.
  • Antique quilts and other textiles should be stored flat to prevent stress caused by folding, and covered with a cotton sheet to prevent dust from settling on it. For clothes that must be folded, place sheets of acid free tissue paper between the folds as a buffer.
  • For fine art and framed paintings, glassine paper should be used to wrap them first which will make the art resistant to air, water, and grease. Next, wrap a clear, cling-wrap type plastic around the entire piece. A large cut out piece of cardboard should then be placed on either side, and finally packing foam should be used for extra protection during transport and storage.
  • Antique silverware should be stored in a small wood chest, which will delay the tarnishing process by limiting the amount of air that it comes in contact with. A chest with individual compartments for each piece is ideal, but if you do not have this type of chest you can roll each piece of silverware in soft cotton cloth to prevent scratching.
  • Humidity can be damaging to all types of antiques. To mitigate damage caused by humidity, a dehumidifier is recommended for use when storing your antiques in a self storage unit. This is especially important to keep in mind when storing your items in areas of high humidity, such as a Chula Vista storage unit.
  • For all antiques, a good cleaning is recommended before putting them into storage for any length of time. Airborne dust particles and other allergens that are invisible to the naked eye can settle on antiques, especially rugs and textiles, and cause premature deterioration to these items.

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