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Check self-storage prices now that providers are obliged to charge VAT

A recent article in the Evening Standard by Lucy Tobin notes that self-storage companies have had to charge VAT on their prices since October 1. However, the article does not mention that many of the smaller self storage companies have always included VAT in their prices and so have not had to hike their prices as some of the larger companies have done since last month when VAT became obligatory.

Something To Make You Laugh

When you are busy packing to move house take a break for a few minutes and watch this funny video clip. All about how we only move house because we need more room for our “stuff” and how the whole self-storage industry has grown up because we can’t bear to part with our “stuff”. Very funny…

Help The Environment By Using Recycled or Used Packing Boxes

Most people offering tips on packing for moving house, moving office or putting your possessions into self storage will advise you never to use the cardboard boxes that you can pick up for free at most major stores. But what if you are concerned about the environment and don’t want to buy brand new packing boxes. Is there an eco-alternative that would reduce the demand for paper-based products and cut down on energy consumption? Well there are two approaches to take: purchase boxes that have been made out of recycled cardboard or, better still, simply re-use sturdy packing boxes that were used for a previous house move (your own or someone else’s).

Self Storage – How It Can Work For You

There might come a time when you look around and realise you have more stuff than you have space. That might be the time to consider a storage unit. Furniture and household storage can serve many purposes. Most facilities offer flexible options, both short-term and long-term, and its safe and easy storage that can provide a practical solution to your clutter.

Top Tips For Making Your Home More Attractive to Buyers

The trouble many homeowners face when trying to sell their home in a difficult economic climate is that they are too familiar with what it is they are selling. Often the biggest barrier they face is the mere fact that it is their home representing their personal tastes and their idea of perfection. It is difficult to see your own home through the eyes of a potential buyer and appreciate the positives as well as the negative aspects.

The Value of Homes in the Current Housing Market

An online article in one of The Independent blogs recently warned about avoiding the “quick” cash buyers who are targeting those who want to sell their home quickly in this tough economic climate. This is good sound advice as these types of buyers usually offer well below market value and, in the worst cases, drop their offer significantly just before exchange of contracts.

Time for that New Office Space

If you’ve outgrown your existing office space there are a host of factors you should consider when looking for a new location. Not only do you need to consider if you can adequately fit in your current employees, but it is also necessary to plan ahead and account for any future growth. After all, you don’t want to have to move again after a year or so. Also, aside from employee workspace think about how much space is required for current and future storage space.

Tips for Packing a Storage Container

The benefits of using a portable storage container are practically limitless. These storage units can be delivered to your home and parked in an area that is beneficial to you. You can then begin to pack any and all of your unused belongings into it. The top two benefits to having a portable storage unit is the price and the convenience.

When is 1p more expensive than 10 pounds?

Amongst my many emails I recently spotted one advertising self-storage for just 1p. You just have to open up and take a look at an email with that sort of title (well you do if you are like me and like a bargain). I’m still hoping to move house soon so I know that I will need a self-storage unit in the not too distant future. But not surprisingly as most things that seem too good to be true it was too good an offer to be true.

How to Store Antiques in a Self Storage Unit

Antiques are inherently delicate due to their age, and therefore should be treated with extra care when packing and storing these timeless pieces of history. A self storage unit is the perfect place to keep these classic belongings, maintaining their value and integrity in a clean, secure environment. Here is a list of tips to follow to ensure your antiques stay in pristine condition during packing, transport, and storage…

Fire Hazards at Self-Storage Facilities

When renting a self storage unit we tend to worry about general security ‐ have the storage units got good, solid locks, does the site have controlled access, fencing, even security guards. We might also worry about damp or other damage if our storage container is housed outside but we rarely worry about fire. Of course, there are restrictions on what can be stored in a public storage unit ‐ flammable products are not allowed but many of us are unaware of what products are actually flammable. Yet many of the products we use in our homes and gardens are flammable. But how do we identify which ones they are?

Is the MoD Wasting Money Storing Unnecessary Possessions?

We all need or want to keep possessions in storage just in case we might need them at some point in the future but a news item today suggests that the MoD go far beyond keeping what might be needed one day; they spend a huge £277 million a year storing all their supplies. But some of their stockpiles are equipment for aircraft that are no longer in service. This information has become available from the National Audit Office but perhaps we should all be thankful that we don’t have the NAO looking at the possessions we decide to keep. […]

Why Do We Need Self Storage?

In a society increasingly concerned with material possessions we tend to accumulate more stuff than we have room for, but more and more people are using self-storage units to house the possessions that will no longer fit in their homes but they simply can’t bear to part with. But why do we pay to store belongings that we rarely use and probably don’t need? […]

Bedford Company Offers London Businesses an Alternative to High Storage Costs

Press Release:

A self-storage company, based in Bedford, has expanded their range of offers to include an alternative to high London storage costs without the hassle of moving possessions to an out-of-town location. An innovative scheme has been introduced where archives, stock, office furniture and equipment will be relocated from an expensive London storage facility to a secure Bedfordshire facility free of charge for storing contracts of 6 months or more. […]

The Importance of Security at a Self-Storage Site

There are many reasons for using a self-storage facility to store your household contents. You may need short-term storage when the moving-out day from your current home does not coincide with the moving-in date at your new home; or it may be for a longer period of time when you are moving into furnished, rented accommodation after selling your old house but you have not yet completed the sale of your new home (or even found a new home yet), which is becoming increasingly common. You may be relocating overseas and don’t want to take all your belongings with you. […]

Good News in the Budget if you are a Customer

There has been plenty of talk on the news and radio phone- ins already today about how the budget will affect us all. As always there will be winners and losers but there is good news for customers regarding… Continue Reading →

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