Most people offering tips on packing for moving house, moving office or putting your possessions into self storage will advise you never to use the cardboard boxes that you can pick up for free at most major stores. But what if you are concerned about the environment and don’t want to buy brand new packing boxes. Is there an eco-alternative that would reduce the demand for paper-based products and cut down on energy consumption? Well there are two approaches to take: purchase boxes that have been made out of recycled cardboard or, better still, simply re-use sturdy packing boxes that were used for a previous house move (your own or someone else’s).

Not only is this approach better for the environment but it’s also better for your pocket, which has to be a concern for everyone in this current economic climate.

And if you are worried about the quality of packing boxes made from recycled material, then you shouldn’t be – boxes made with 100% recycled material are virtually indistinguishable from any other box; they cost less to manufacture and so are cheaper to buy.

If you really don’t have a preference for a new product (and, let’s face it many packing boxes and just going to be filled with everyday items of no particular value or, dare I say it, your junk) then you can use boxes that have been used for someone else’s move before. Many moving companies already sell used cardboard boxes to customers at a substantial saving over the cost of new boxes and most of them are actually as good as new.

Many virtually brand new cardboard boxes end up in landfill and others are recycled when they are still perfectly useable for several more moves. So if you are moving house soon spare a thought for our planet’s resources and get hold of recycled or previously used packing boxes.

There are plenty of online stores selling recycled boxes that are just as sturdy as new boxes made from non-recycled material and they are cheaper. Or ask your removals company if they can supply used boxes. You will save money and contribute to a better environment.