We all need or want to keep possessions in storage just in case we might need them at some point in the future but a news item today suggests that the MoD go far beyond keeping what might be needed one day; they spend a huge £277 million a year storing all their supplies. But some of their stockpiles are equipment for aircraft that are no longer in service. This information has become available from the National Audit Office but perhaps we should all be thankful that we don’t have the NAO looking at the possessions we decide to keep.


More and more of us are taking advantage of inexpensive self-storage facilities to allow us to hoard our possessions. There are, of course, plenty of people offering advice about de-cluttering your home to create a calmer more ordered lifestyle but sometimes we just want to keep our stuff. I might rarely look at my children’s old baby clothes, blankets, toys and books but they are full of memories for me and, whilst I might not want them cluttering up my home, I still want to keep them so storing them away somewhere safe is a great solution for me.


Obviously I spend nothing like the amount the MoD spend on storage but I do have some sympathy for them – sometimes it is difficult to keep track of everything you own and the job of creating a new inventory and checking whether everything is still needed or wanted is a daunting task whether you are the MoD or a family of 4.


One day I will get around to de-cluttering but for now I’m going to stick with storing it all away.


What do you think? Are you a fan of de-cluttering or a hoarder. Why not let us know?