Did you know that here in the UK we have the tiniest houses in Western Europe?

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that more and more emphasis is now being placed on space within the home. Essentially, the more space you offer to potential buyers, the more interested they will be.


There’s plenty of research out there that proves the more messy, cluttered and untidy your home, the less likely you are to receive a good offer. There’s a huge difference between character and clutter. So if you are looking to sell your home, it is extremely important you consider maximizing every inch within the property, and that means a serious clear out.


If you speak to any estate agent, they will tell you the first step to selling your home, is making it look good. Kerb appeal is all good for getting viewers into the property, but if they feel overwhelmed by knick knacks and all your precious rubble the moment they walk through the door, they are simply not going to see the house as a potential home for their family.


Maximising space means maximising profit, it’s that simple. Every square foot counts!


Here are some tips to help you invest in your property by clearing your home:


It’s all smoke and mirrors


Or in this case, it’s lights and mirrors. A dingy, badly placed light can make a room look small and unclean. One single downlight in the middle of a room means light won’t reach every corner, which means your room won’t be displayed to its best. Consider whether the lighting in each room flatters its size. If it doesn’t, consider investing in some clever lighting to make your rooms look as welcoming and as large as possible.


Strategically placed mirrors will also give the impression a room is lighter and bigger, they are also a really cheap way to maximise your space without maxing out your credit card.


Take out a door or two


We’re not suggesting you start smashing through any doorways to make rooms bigger, but taking out the odd door or two could make a pretty huge difference to how large a room appears. So if you have a door between a kitchen area and living area, consider taking the door out temporarily to give the impression of a more open plan space.


Take down your family mementoes


It’s always lovely to enter a family home and see sweet images of mum and dad, kids, granny and grandad dotted around to make the place feel lived in and personal – unless you’re a potential buyer. If a buyer wants to envision your home as their potential new home, constant reminders of the people already living there will cloud the romantic future images you’re encouraging. Take down family photos for an instant neutralising effect.


Take out all the big things

This could be a settee, large ornaments, large tables, pretty much anything that takes up loads of space in a room. If you’re not able to transfer the items straight into your new property, consider investing in some low cost self storage. It doesn’t cost much to hold a few large items for a while and the money you pay out for it will be made back from the extra money you make on your property from decluttering it.



Remember, the more neutral and de-cluttered the better. You don’t have to ditch your favourite items, you just need to put them away for a little while in the garage, shed or self-storage. Your estate agent and your wallet will thank you for it.