To get more decluttering done during a certain time frame is a good goal to have. No one seems to have spare time available these days, so it’s a good thing if you are able to make the best of the time you have. If you are looking up ways to get more decluttering done, here are four ideas that will help you with decluttering and tidying up your house.

Avoid any interruptions so you are able to focus on decluttering.

Put your phone on voice-mail, turn off your TV, say “no” to distractions! You might even consider closing yourself within the room you are cleaning and placing a sign saying something like “Hard at Work: Interrupt Only With EMERGENCIES.” Make sure your children have something to keep them occupied for the whole time you plan to declutter!

Give yourself a break.

If you choose to assign a full Decluttering Day, don’t forget to plan some stress breaks for throughout the day. Remember, working to the point of total brain fatigue and muscle tension won’t ever do you any good. Plan small treats for yourself! If you would like, you could schedule the short breaks as rewards for whenever you’ve finished a particular chore.

Realize that you have your own approach!

Just as we are all different in other ways, we all have diverse organizational styles. There are countless ways to get more decluttering done, so before you get started, do some quick research and find out which ways will work best for you! Check out some of the ideas in the links below. If you want to get more decluttering done, your best chance is to find tricks that enhance your personal style, not change it. Getting organized should make you feel good, not burdened.

Stick to your plan.

The most effective plans often fall victim to their makers. While impulsiveness is great, plans are made to be followed! There is a fine line between being spontaneous and jumping from small task to small task… and plain procrastination. Once you’ve come up with a good plan for tackling a task, stay with it. Only you can prevent yourself from wavering.