Spring is here, even if the rain has not stopped; I can tell because my garden is sprouting weeds so the weather must be warmer. Traditionally it’s the time for a spring-clean but why not take that chore a step further this year and try to get rid of all the clutter you have been accumulating for years? Almost everyone accumulates too many possessions so that storage cupboards, sheds, garages and attics are full to bursting with things we no longer have any use for. Or, at least, that’s what happens in my home.

I tried doing a mini-declutter in the past by clearing out, say, a cupboard, or the shed, but all that happened was that a year later I was back to a cluttered home. So if you really want to experience the benefits of a truly clutter-free living space you have to make a radical change. If your home is anything like mine used to be you will have to set aside at least a whole week-end to have any impact – maybe even longer.

So here are 5 simple steps to get you started on de-cluttering your home as efficiently as possible.

  • Decide to do it – the hardest thing about getting started is making the decision to just do it. It is far easier to keep putting it off or finding excuses why not to de-clutter but there really are no convincing reasons why you should live in a junk-filled home, even if some of that junk is really very nice.
  • Get some boxes – when de-cluttering you will need plenty of boxes to stash your junk in ready to donate to charity, take to the dump or, if you really can’t bear to part with some of it, put it in storage. Make sure you label the boxes clearly so you know which ones contain the rubbish.
  • Stock up on food – another thing that distracts people from the purpose of de-cluttering is the need to eat. So stock up on simple meals that need little or no cooking and you won’t have to leave the task of decluttering to make a meal (always a popular excuse). Or order in your favourite takeaway. Not having to prepare meals can save several hours over the course of a week-end.
  • Be Ruthless – the reason we find it so hard to de-clutter is because we get sentimental about our possessions or because we think an item will come in useful at some point in the future. It is hard to be ruthless when we are de-cluttering but if you don’t use something, don’t need it or don’t love it, then it needs to go.
  • Rent a Self-Storage Unit –  it is always easier to write about decluttering than to actually do it (and I do know that from experience) so there will always be some things that you just cannot give away or throw away. But if you want a clutter-free home then they cannot stay there either. The answer to this predicament is to rent a self-storage unit. Your precious items can then be safely stored away without taking up all that room in your home. It really is a very simple solution.