If you are looking into self storage options, you will probably already have noticed the wide variety of facilities and prices available across the country. From the basic, outside metal container self storage London residents will find by the docklands, to the high spec, climate controlled storage facilities found in cities across the country, choosing the right self storage unit for you will depend greatly on what you want to store, for how long and whether you require access to the storage unit during the stored period.

To help you make your choice, here are some of the major considerations when choosing storage units in the UK and what you should be looking for:

  1. Location If you are moving house or putting things in storage while you go abroad for some time, you will probably want to choose self storage that is close to your permanent address. As a general rule, storing items in city centres will be much more expensive than choosing storage on industrial estates on the outskirts. Many of the self storage London based facilities are located well outside the city centre, and if you can cope with the travelling to and from the unit, these will tend to work out much cheaper than choosing something within the inner circle.
  2. Access Consider whether you will need to access your items during the stored period. If you are leaving the country for a specified time, chances are you won’t need to access your stored items during this period. This means you can choose one of the cheap self storage options, where your container of items may not be so easily accessible but only needs to be retrieved once the time is up. If you think you may need access, you should find out exactly what the criteria are. Some companies offer open access 24/7, but some will require several days’ notice and possibly even a fee to be paid if you wish to gain access to your belongings.
  3. Security Most self storage units are very secure, employing CCTV and alarms to protect your goods. Ask about their security measures and make sure you are happy with their provision before making a booking.
  4. Climate control If you pack adequately and are just storing household goods, climate control is usually not a major consideration. However, if you are looking to put valuable items such as antiques or a classic car in storage, you should look for an up market facility with dehumidifiers and heating to keep your items safe.
  5. Size, price and value Price is obviously an influencing factor, and although many of us would love to find cheap self storage, it is not always possible to get all the facilities you need for a rock bottom price. Consider the size of the container on offer, the access and security at the site and try to establish whether what you are being offered is good value, rather than considering price alone.