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Comparing Apples with Pears When Looking for Self Storage

It’s interesting that when you start searching on the keywords “comparing self storage…” that the first thing Google Instant shows me is “comparing self storage prices” then “comparing self storage quotes” so you would think it would be easy to… Continue Reading →

It’s Time to Upcycle!

One of the huge problems some people face when they are starting an upcycling business is where to store their stock while they gain enough money to rent selling space. It’s one thing keeping a few items in your house to upcycle but you’ll want to have plenty of stock to work on after each project is finished. Consider using self storage as a way to build yourself a bank of stock while you build your business. Cheap self storage is ideal for upcycle startups because it creates a way for your business to grow without directly impacting on your home situation.

Preparing Your Furniture For Self Storage

Whether you’ve got giant chunky furniture that won’t fit into your tiny ‘inbetween jobs’ apartment, or expensive pieces that you’re saving for your dream future home, there’s an abundance of people who have to opt for cheap self storage at… Continue Reading →

Wrapping and Packing for Transit

If you’ve decided to use cheap self-storage to keep your items safe for a short or long period of time, you’ll want to know exactly how to keep them from harm while they are being moved between your home and… Continue Reading →

Self Storage is ecommerce friendly

Behind many of the cheap storage unit doors in London lie innovative and intelligent small businesses using self storage facilities to run their companies without many of the hefty overheads associated with office space and warehouse space.   Ecommerce is… Continue Reading →

The Case for a Document Archiving Strategy

Every business, whatever it’s size and whatever it’s industry requires documentation of some form or another. This may predominantly be in electronic form, although there are still many tax and legal documents that are also required in paper form. But… Continue Reading →

Packing for self storage: how to keep your valuables safe

Using self storage for those things you don’t need every day is a great way to free up some space at home. With many households feeling the burden of extra belongings and smaller homes, the demand for secure self storage is currently very high. But how can you ensure your treasured possessions are going to be safe and will be unbroken when you come to collect them again?

Read on for our top tips for packing for self storage to ensure your items are well protected.

Self storage to the rescue: 5 occasions where some extra space is a lifesaver

Self storage is becoming a popular option for many householders who are struggling for space. In many cases they simply do not have enough room at home to store their items, but for some it is a specific situation that has prompted them to book up some additional space. Here are some of the times self storage has come to the rescue:

Summer holiday students: Students who return home for the summer may not have room in their car (or at their parents’ house when they get there) to store all their university clothing, furniture and equipment. Self storage means they can leave it in their University town, and easily retrieve it when it’s time to start back in the autumn.

Check self-storage prices now that providers are obliged to charge VAT

A recent article in the Evening Standard by Lucy Tobin notes that self-storage companies have had to charge VAT on their prices since October 1. However, the article does not mention that many of the smaller self storage companies have always included VAT in their prices and so have not had to hike their prices as some of the larger companies have done since last month when VAT became obligatory.

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