Here are some clever little tricks for packing more efficiently from the experts, perfect to help you with your next house move.

1.      Don’t clear out your drawers

Empty drawers are a waste of space. Leave some lightweight items in there, or even pack some clean underwear and pyjamas inside, so you know where they are when you arrive.

2.      Order books by size

Books should be packed in smaller, easy to handle boxes. Arrange them in size order before you start to get a neat, snug fit in your boxes.

3.      Put similar things together

Things like lamp shades will fit neatly one inside the other, so pack them together. Things like light bulbs or small ornaments should go in a box by themselves, protected with packing paper and marked ‘extra fragile’.

4.      Tape small things to their larger partners

Tape things together to stop small items from being lost. The bolts that hold the bed together, the remote for the TV or the finials and rings for your curtain poles; all are too easy to lose in the move, so wrap them in tape and secure to the item they go with to make it easy at the other end.

5.      Use old sheets for protection

Dress your mattress with two old sheets – one on the back and one on the front – to protect it from getting dirty or damaged in transit. Cover furniture, cushions and other easily marked items with old sheets, as these will be easy enough to launder or throw away when you get there.