Moving house can be a fairly resource intensive activity. Apart from all the clutter that frequently ends up in landfill during a move, there are also transportation emissions, packing materials and other waste to think about if you want to make your move less damaging to the environment. Here are some handy tips to help you pack and move house with less impact on the planet.

·        eco-friendly storage boxUse your own belongings as packing materials

Why invest in expensive and harmful bubble wrap and other packing materials when you’ve got a house full of perfect packing already? Use duvets, pillows, jumpers and blankets to wrap, pad out and protect items from getting damaged or broken.

·        Use uniform size boxes

Boxes that are all of a similar size and shape will be easier to stack in the van, maximising the space used and reducing the number of journeys needed. You can ask for recycled boxes, but ensure they are good quality otherwise you risk them breaking in the move.

·        Consider packing crates

Packing crates are most frequently used by businesses, but some movers will have them as an option. These plastic crates are sturdy, uniform in size and reusable, so you hire rather than buy them. Because they can be used many times over and are completely recyclable, they are a much more eco-friendly option than cardboard boxes.

·        Choose greener movers

Look for a moving company with decent green credentials. Adequately sized vans, good route planning abilities and efficient, well maintained vehicles can make all the difference to the carbon footprint of your move.