Behind many of the cheap storage unit doors in London lie innovative and intelligent small businesses using self storage facilities to run their companies without many of the hefty overheads associated with office space and warehouse space.


Ecommerce is a booming industry in its own right and its expansion over the last few years has led to clever startups renting basic metal containers in order to function successfully without any need to use regular business rental space.


Here are some of the reasons these eCommerce firms are using cheap self storage in London:


Easy Expansion


In comparison with the high street, self storage is certainly not suffering from a lack of paying business customers. The high street in many towns remains a desolate and empty place losing it’s identity and more obviously, paying tenants. Self storage units however are experiencing an abundance of customers looking to enjoy the frills associated with this type of alternative business premises. ECommerce companies don’t need an impressive postal address in order to be successful and many are using these self contained units as miniature depots. Most self storage companies do have a reception area that is able to take deliveries as and when they arrive. This means that a small eCommerce venture can expand from garage to self storage unit in the space of a day, concentrating on the day to day running of their business while reception takes their deliveries and the unit near enough pays for itself.


Business Rate Benefits


Renting out storage space means you only use the space you need rather than worrying about expensive empty warehouse space that is much more costly and inefficient. Council tax is included in the rent and VAT is charged to domestic and business customers with businesses able to claim it back on their yearly returns. Essentially the self storage unit itself counts as the warehouse, so the company running the units is liable for the costs involved. This means you skip these costs by renting a unit and enjoy all the benefits without any of the associated warehouse overheads.




One of the main problems with large business unit rentals is the fact you’re often tied into a contract for years at a time. This can be a huge worry for small startups who simply cannot predict their financial situation and need to be able to give up space at the drop of a hat. Self storage facilities are designed to be convenient and most offer a short notice guarantee enabling you to expand and vacate as quickly as you need to without any huge burdening costs.


In essence, eCommerce is a growing industry and those brave enough to take a leap into starting their own business have found a new and innovative way to survive in the struggling global economy by way of cheap storage units. If you’re thinking of expanding your eCommerce venture yourself or are a struggling eCommerce company looking to downsize from hefty warehouse fees, think about self storage as an alternative and join the thousands of successful startups already working from these secure hubs of activity.