If you are musically minded and play an instrument, you’ll already know how inconvenient it can be to move that instrument around, particularly if you play something large like a double bass or piano. Even if you play a less substantial instrument, if you don’t need it for a few months then keeping it safe has to be a top priority. Here are some top tips from the experts if you are considering putting a musical instrument into self storage:

  • storing musical instrumentsStore the instrument in its case if it has one. Hard cases are the best option here, and most will come with decent padding to protect the instrument from knocks.
  • Electric guitars should be thoroughly dusted prior to being placed in storage and the output jack should be sealed with tape to prevent dust getting inside.
  • Stringed instruments of every sort should have their strings slackened prior to storage. Don’t completely remove strings, as this can bow the neck, but loosen them just slightly to allow for expansion and contraction with temperature changes.
  • Pianos should be thoroughly dusted, including inside the body if you can. Use a dust cover to protect it in storage, and get specialist help to move it to avoid damage to the fragile legs. Use foam to protect the corners when moving too.
  • If you plan to store sheet music or books with your instrument, we advise you to put them away from your instrument in an airtight container to avoid dampness and degradation.