Lets face it, moving house is incredibly stressful, in fact, it’s one of the most stressful things we do in our lives along with; having a baby, losing a job and planning a wedding. There’s a reason so many people put off moving house and it’s no wonder it leaves some couples in complete meltdown, speaking to each other through gritted teeth, stressed, tired and frustrated.


Using self storage can make this process a lot easier, particularly if you need to use self storage in London. Moving in London can be more stressful than in other places because it’s so much busier and built up than other areas and you can struggle to park anywhere long enough to unload your items without a permit, which can be difficult to arrange.

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If you’re a working professional in the capital you may find you simply haven’t the time to spend an entire weekend moving your items across, and you may struggle to arrange for family and friends to help you move it all as well. Taking some time long before the move, placing your items into self storage can make the moving process so much easier, particularly if you have a car. You can take over your essentials on moving day knowing that you can take your time collecting all your other items bit by bit from the self storage unit without any extra stress.


Use it as a tool


Remember using an external building to store your items isn’t a chore, it’s a really useful facility. Try not to think about it as stressful and instead use it as a way to filter out all of the content you don’t want or need any more. That means you’ll only be taking the absolute cream of the crop to your new place and you might even make a few pennies on the way selling your old clutter. Think of it as a cleansing experience and remember it’s a new start, it’s exciting!


Use it to remove timing stress


All those complicated timing issues could be avoided by using self storage as the middle man. The main thing people get stressed about is the timing of everything; arranging a removals van, getting friends and family to the right place at the right time, getting the keys to the new place and so on. Placing your items into self storage means you’ll be able to cut out this pressure cooker of a schedule and move at your own pace. Start storing as soon as you’re planning on moving and you have a confirmed new place, then simply move into your new home and arrange a removals van from the storage unit whenever it suits you.


Use it to your advantage


Do you need to decorate the new place? Do you need to move somewhere smaller in order to save some money? Are you considering moving abroad? Use self storage to your advantage by keeping everything safe and dry while you make improvements to your new house or flat or while you consider your next step. It’s really affordable these days and it’s a good option for those who just need that extra bit of time to perform essential maintenance and improvements on their new house or simply plan where they are headed to next.