The property market is already picking up in many parts of the UK so if you are planning a house move now could be a good time. And anyone selling a house knows that a clean and clutter-free home will make the sale easier. Most potential buyers are also looking for a home that feels well-cared for and well-maintained so if you want to sell your home quickly you need to declutter and do any of those little repair jobs that you have been putting off.

moving to a new homeStart sprucing up your home by having a really thorough spring clean; that means scrubbing all paintwork, cleaning the inside of the windows, hovering under and behind furniture and so on. Even consider having your carpets professionally cleaned. Another benefit of a really thorough clean is that it will banish any unpleasant smells, especially if you have pets.

Then write a list of all the annoying DIY jobs that need doing: the broken gate, the chipped paint etc. These sorts of jobs are usually inexpensive and easy to put right. Sometimes just cleaning thoroughly will make the place look a lot better especially if you clean the paintwork and tile grout.

Buyers often form their opinion about a home before they even get inside so make first appearances count.  Are the fence panels and gates in good repair? Is the path or driveway clear of weeds and moss. Consider buying a couple of pots of bright flowers if there are none already in the front garden. Make sure the front of the house looks as smart as possible – don’t forget the outside of the front door, including any brassware and the porch and front step, if you have one. Stand back from your front door and look carefully to check for anything that does not look pristine.

And finally, no matter how clean the inside and how smart the outside of the house are, potential buyers need to be able to visualise themselves living there. They will not be able to do that if it is still full of your clutter and too many personal possessions. De-cluttering may not be easy but it does not cost anything to do it. A clean, clutter-free home will create the right atmosphere to persuade a potential buyer to make an offer. If you want to clear personal possessions out of the way while you are selling but don’t have space in your garage or attic the consider renting a self-storage unit. That way when you move house you will have less to pack.