There’s so much to do if you’re planning a move, so here are the things you should definitely not forget to do before the big day.

  1. moving house checklistRedirect your post: You can set up a redirect for as long as you like, but for most people, 6 – 12 months is adequate.
  2. Tell your bank: Notifying your bank in good time will ensure your valuable financial information doesn’t end up in the hands of a stranger.
  3. Insure your new home: Make sure you have a good buildings insurance policy in place as soon as your mortgage is secured. If you are renting, take out contents insurance before you get there to cover your items during the unpacking.
  4. Move your vehicles too: DVLA will need to know about your new address for registration, and you’ll need to change the address on your driver’s license too. Don’t forget to tell your insurance company the date of the move also, otherwise any claims may be invalid.
  5. Tell the council: Not only will you need to tell the council your new address for council tax purposes, but you’ll also need to change the details on the electoral roll also.
  6. Take meter readings: The day you move, you will need to take your final meter readings and give them to your suppliers, so that they can calculate your final bill.
  7. Move your TV license: This is no more trouble than a quick phone call or an action online. Failure to do it could risk a fine of up to £1000.
  8. Eat up your frozen food: Unless you are moving very locally or to a house with a freezer in situ, you will not be able to take frozen food with you. Freezers have to stand for 24 hours before switching on, so eat up the contents of the freezer to ensure no food is wasted.