Self storage is becoming a popular option for many householders who are struggling for space. In many cases they simply do not have enough room at home to store their items, but for some it is a specific situation that has prompted them to book up some additional space. Here are some of the times self storage has come to the rescue:

  • Summer holiday students: Students who return home for the summer may not have room in their car (or at their parents’ house when they get there) to store all their university clothing, furniture and equipment. Self storage means they can leave it in their University town, and easily retrieve it when it’s time to start back in the autumn.
  • Hasty home movers: Moving house can sometimes not go quite as planned, and when that means a delay in leaving one property and moving into the next, self storage is a lifesaving solution to the problem of where to put belongings.
  • Worried about redecoration: Householders who are worried about getting paint on their expensive sofa, or scratching their antique dresser while redecorating or renovating their home, have found a simple solution with affordable self storage.
  • Time out for travelling: When an opportunity to travel the world arises, the ties of our modern lives and the belongings we have can put us off taking the chance. However, self storage can provide a home for everything until you need it again.
  • Bursting businesses: Many businesses do not have the funds or the surrounding space to expand their premises, so when the business grows, self storage steps in as an additional stock room or document archive.