With space at a premium in many family homes, finding room to store all your belongings and still have room to breathe can be a tough task. Expanding families, ever increasing piles of ‘stuff’ and the decreasing sizes of new homes means many families are looking to make home improvements to expand the available space in their house.

New Living RoomIf you are keen to make some minor modifications to free up useful space, here are three clever tricks you can consider.

  1. Divide existing bedrooms: If your kids are sharing and you’d like them to have their own space, an extension is probably the best option. However, if your budget won’t quite stretch to this, then dividing up existing rooms into individual spaces can be a great way to create little dens of their own. You can do this inexpensively with a curtain or a screen, or you might even want to erect a partition wall for a more permanent solution.
  2. Convert your shed: If you can find somewhere else to put the current contents, sheds are great additional rooms that can be used for all sorts of things. From a home office to a playroom for the kids, think about turning your old garden shed into something new and useful for the family.
  3. Wise up to wet rooms: If you enjoy showers more than baths, then consider ditching the tub in favour of a wet room. This will free up huge amounts of space in your bathroom, giving you room to store more and to appreciate the floor space your littlest room has to offer.