Upcycling is the latest way to give a new lease of life to old furniture and objects that would otherwise be thrown away or discarded as trash. If you’re considering making a business out of upcycling, you’re going to need to get some stock. Here’s how to get the best stock for your new venture at the cheapest prices:

Car boot sales

Car boot sales are a treasure trove for everyone and anyone looking to take one man’s trash and turn it into treasure. This is where most people are looking for a few extra pounds in their pocket for items they will otherwise throw away. That means you can pay the cheapest possible prices for your new stock. Remember to haggle, it’s expected at car boots and every seller starts above their asking price because they expect you to offer something less. Consider how much work it will take in order for you to get the piece looking great so that you don’t end up making a loss on what you paid for it.

House clearances

A particularly great way to get hold of vintage pieces, house clearances are full of incredible furniture for you to purchase and upcycle. Consider buying in bulk in order to get the best price and again remember to think about your renovation costs before you part with any cash.

Local ad magazines

Local advertisements are like a lazy man’s car boot, they are a way to sell items without even leaving the comfort of your own home. This is a constant source of new furniture if you check the listings every week or month depending on how often they come out in your area. You are able to haggle on these prices as well so make sure you offer a fair price whilst grabbing yourself a bargain.


There are a surprising amount of people giving items away for free and this is how most people making a business out of upcycling get their stock. People who are clearing the house of a loved one or who find they need to downsize or move quickly will often give items away to avoid taking them to the tip or pay council collection fees. Often people want to see items reused rather than thrown away and will happily let you have furniture or ornaments for free.

Where can I store my stock?

One of the huge problems some people face when they are starting out in this business is where to store their stock while they gain enough money to rent selling space. It’s one thing keeping a few items in your house to upcycle but you’ll want to have plenty of stock to work on after each project is finished. Consider using self storage as a way to build yourself a bank up of stock while you build your business up. Cheap self storage is ideal for upcycle startups because it creates a way for your business to grow without directly impacting on your home situation.