Everyone and anyone has jumped on to the green band wagon, so why shouldn’t you? If you’re moving house and want to do so in as carbon friendly a way as possible – you can. On a day to day basis most of us try to use more natural products, less water, less electricity and we recycle as much as possible. And it’s not just us civilians, many businesses and companies are trying to be more eco-friendly too. And that includes self-storage companies and moving companies as well – which is great news.


You would probably be surprised to know exactly how ‘green’ you can be when moving house. It doesn’t cost much at all in time or money, in fact, it can even save you money.

eco friendly house move

Here are some tips to help you move house the ‘green’ way:


Use An Eco-friendly Company

If you have chosen to hire a moving company or use a self storage company to help you move, try to find one that has some green credentials. There are plenty of them around, all you have to do is look. If you have found a company you like, contact them and ask them what their environmental policies are, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised to find that most moving and self-storage companies are making the effort to reduce their carbon emissions in any way they can. And why is that? Because lovely customers like you love it! If you’re struggling to find an eco-friendly company or have already hired a moving or self-storage company, just mention it to those you do use to give them food for thought for future improvements, the least they can do is consider it.


Use Recycled Or Recyclable Packing Materials

It is so easy to throw recyclable materials in the bin without even thinking about where they are going. Unfortunately, they are going to landfill which is certainly not green. So try your hardest to buy biodegradable boxes and packing material wherever you can, and ensure they go in the recycling bag or bin when they have been used. If the boxes are particularly strong or not suitable for recycling, sell them or give them away to others who may need them. Offer them to friends or family, sell them at a car boot sale or give them away to charity shops. Or if all else fails, keep them yourself as extra storage in the garage or shed.


Consider All The Products You Use During Your Move

As well as your packaging products, there are plenty of other products you will use during your move that you could swap for eco-friendly versions. How about the cleaning products for your current or new house? Plenty of supermarkets now sell cheap, eco-friendly versions of many different types of cleaning products – from multi-surface cleaner to recycled kitchen roll.


Dispose Of As Much As You Can Responsibly

Try to get rid of mobile phones, batteries and white goods as responsibly as you can. Try to avoid taking as much to the tip as possible. Your local council will have plenty of information about how you can dispose of your waste properly.