I have been surprised that almost all the people wishing to view my house have wanted to come on a Saturday and that estate agents around here are not even open on Sundays; maybe that’s a sign of the economic downturn as I’m sure they used to open on Sundays. But the visits have been planned to my advantage and the estate agents have actually encouraged appointments at times when the next viewer is likely to meet the previous viewer coming down the garden path. Actually we haven’t got a garden path but you know what I mean.

I have agreed to show viewers around because after 20 happy years here I know lots about the house and the area that an estate agent just won’t know. The estate agent was very happy with that as it meant less work for them?

Living RoomIt all seems to be going well as we have plenty of viewers, encouraging compliments about the size of the rooms and how much storage there is, and, yes, people are opening my storage cupboards so thank goodness they are neat and tidy. Personally I never worry about storage if I am looking at a house, which is perhaps surprising given just how much stuff I need to store, but I’m much more interested in rooms sizes, layout and how secluded the garden is.

Some of the viewers have come out with the most unusual questions and one memorable viewer didn’t even bother going out into the garden because it was cold when that is one of the best features of the house. You might think they just weren’t interested in the house (a feeling I sometimes have 30 seconds after viewing a place) and couldn’t be bothered to be polite but they actually did put it an offer.

So it is now 2 months since the house first went on the market and I now have two second viewings booked for next Saturday so fingers crossed.