Many of us dream of owning our own small businesses: no more reporting to the boss or hard work that someone else takes the credit for – you could be the boss and reap all the rewards yourself. So just what is stopping more people from setting up on their own? One of the major factors is the cost of business premises. Of course, it has become dramatically easier in recent years to work from home with fast broadband connections and cheap phone deals, not to mention slick websites that can present a highly professional “face” to potential customers for minimal cost, but not all businesses can be run effectively from home.

To start with where do you store the stock for a retail business, even an online one? Do you really want it cluttering up your spare bedroom, always assuming you have a spare bedroom and that the stock items are small enough to fit in. The reality is that many small businesses cannot be run without some form of storage space and whilst warehouse space might not be as expensive as office space, neither is it a cheap option.

But the solution could be simpler than you thought.

Many small businesses from caterers, to accountants to an seo consultancy have already discovered that their local self-storage company provides the perfect solution to their storage needs at a highly competitive price. The storage units have easy access (often easier than traditional warehouse space) and offer smaller units than a typical warehouse with options to upgrade to a larger unit should you need it. Even better there is no need to commit to a long-term rental if you are unsure of how your business will develop.

And if you are reaching the limits of your existing storage space in a retail unit then why not consider storing seasonal stock in a self-storage unit to free up some space?

If your small business requires storage space, whether for seasonal stock, infrequently used items or even document archives then a self-storage unit could be what you need.