The majority of people are trying to live more sustainable lifestyles today, and if you’ve made the effort to reduce, reuse and recycle, why should moving home be any different? Here are a few top tips for making your move greener this time.

1.      Use recycled packing materials

Using recycled boxes, as long as they are still robust and in good condition, is a great way to save on waste. As well as this, you can use recycled materials to pack it out instead of opting for environmentally unfriendly bubble wrap.

2.      Use clothes to pack out boxes

Rather than filling empty spaces in boxes with newspaper, packing nuts or bubble wrap, use your own clothes, pillows and blankets to fill them up. You were planning to move these things anyway, so why not make use of them!

3.      Work with eco-friendly movers

Look to book a removals company that has good green credentials. Ask them about their environmental policies, and look for companies using modern, efficient vehicles or who offer carbon offsetting for your job.

4.      Don’t take so much stuff

A really big consideration is how much stuff you physically move. More stuff means a bigger vehicle and more weight in the vehicle, which in turn means more carbon emissions. Declutter before you start, and only book the size of van you require to minimise CO2 impact from your journey.

5.      Be chemical free

On arrival at the new house it can be tempting to bleach every surface going, just to get rid of the bugs. However, this is not an eco-friendly action, so try to find a cleaning product that doesn’t kill quite so many fish. Bicarbonate and lemon juice or white wine vinegar are great alternatives to chemical cleaning products.