Offsite storage can be a lifesaver for businesses large and small, and with affordable self storage units in convenient locations around the UK, businesses are never far away from a storage solution. Here are some top reasons businesses should be considering self storage for their company today.

  • It’s cheaper than moving: If you’re running out of space in the office, renting some storage space for event materials, document archives or spare furniture can free up valuable space for another worker or two, meaning you don’t have to go to the expense and trouble of a move.


  • It’s affordable: Storage companies offer great rates to business customers, particularly if they are signing up for an extended period.


  • It’s flexible: Most self storage providers will let their customers up or down grade with no financial penalties to pay. This means if you need a cupboard today because you run a small seo consultancy but want a 30 foot room tomorrow as you grown into a full-service digital maketing agency, you should be able to make a change without hassle.


  • It’s secure: Offsite storage is usually in purpose built, professionally run spaces. This means security has been designed into the building from the ground up, so things like CCTV, security doors, fireproofing and 24 hour patrols are the norm.


  • You could save more than money: Overcrowded work places are accidents waiting to happen. Imagine if that precariously stacked pile of folders falls on an employee or a visitor, or if someone hurts their back trying to move one of those over stuffed archiving boxes. Move it off site and keep your workplace safe and healthy for everyone.